Tuesday, June 22, 2021

WashPo Video prepares for Racial Reckoning

The Wash. Post and other liberal news media keep telling us to prepare for a racial reckoning, such as with this video:
The Lily What is White racial identity and why is it important?

When George Floyd died, people across the United States started to look more critically at how white supremacy affects all of us. In this episode, we talk to mental health experts and scholars about why understanding your whiteness and the ways that white supremacy benefits you is an important part of becoming self aware.

Ben Shapiro has a video explaining what is wrong here.

Wash. Post gives the impression that (1) given the choice, BIPOCs prefer to live among White supremacists; and (2) BIPOCs will endlessly complain about it.

The Black woman on the Wash. Post video says that since Floyd died, for the first time White people became of their whiteness. A White woman says Whites are experiencing an awakening of their racial identity. She says Whites are not racist, and do not even understand the supposed racism that BIPOCs are complaining about.

I am not sure this propaganda is going to do what they think. If White start identifying with Whites as a group, they may want to disassociate with criminal junkies like Floyd, and other BIPOCs who are perpetually resentful of Whites and White culture.

A new poll shows that all this racism propaganda has mainly convinced White women:

In the Angus Reid Institute poll released on Monday, 54% of women under age 35 were ready to condemn Canada as racist, while only 21% of men over 55 agreed.

Young women, in fact, were even more likely than non-whites to take a negative view on race relations. The survey showed that 42% of non-white Canadians see the country as racist. Among women over 55, 30% agreed that Canada is racist.

Those Canadian women under 35 have probably never even witnessed any racist acts. They are just reciting what they have been told in school, or about George Floyd.
The poll showed that 85% of Canadians believe the country is made stronger by having residents from various ethnic and racial backgrounds. In other words, they agreed with what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said repeatedly, that “Diversity is our strength.”
Now this is seriously delusional. Canada was almost split by Quebec separatists. Most Canadians have no idea how much worse it can be with other ethnic groups.

Update: Here is a good criticism of the Wash. Post video.

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MikeAdamson said...

Given Canada's multicultural character I don't think lack of experience is an issue.