Sunday, April 11, 2021

Floyd trial witnesses have surprising testimony

I have been following the George Floyd murder trial, and some witnesses have some surprising testimony.

  • One expert indentified the precise second Floyd died. It was about 6 minutes into the 9-min. video.
  • He also said Chauvin was the sole cause of death, and the same thing would have killed a healthy man.
  • Others said that there were multiple contributing causes.
  • Chauvin knee was not on Floyd's neck; it was on the shoulder blade.
  • Floyd's breathing difficulties were caused by the position of the body and the pressure on lungs, and not on by blocking air or blood in the neck.
  • The police chief and others said that Chauvin did not have cause to use deadly force, and that his actions were contrary to his training and police policy.
  • Some of this changes my thinking. If it is really true that Chauvin went against policy and training, then he ought to be convicted of something. But the prosecution have not produced specifics to back this up, and the defense may be able to rebut. We really just heard police officers say that they would not have made the judgments that Chauvin, and that is not convincing. I want to see the actual training materials used on Chauvin.

    The prosecution has to prove intent, and there has been nothing about that so far.

    I am expecting the defense to present testimony that:

  • Chauvin had training to do what he did.
  • A healthy man would have survived being held down like Floyd, and it happens all the time.
  • If Floyd died at the 6-min mark, then Chauvin's actions for the last 3 minutes have no bearing on the charges.
  • Chauvin will testify that he was following accepted procedures to restrain Floyd so that he could get medical attention. Chauvin's a apparent aloofness was the result of bystander heckling.

    The judge seems fair. I think Chauvin may be convicted of a lesser charge. He really needs to testify, to give evidence of intent, but if he does, he will be subjected to a nasty character assassination.

    The larger issue is that this case was supposed to prove the existence of systemic racism. No such evidence has even been presented.

    The picture shows a lethal dose of fentanyl, compared to a penny.

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