Monday, April 26, 2021

ACLU and SPLC have gone kooky Left

Americn liberal groups are not wht they used to be:
Last 100 @ACLU tweets by topic
Immigration/Muslim ban: 8
Police reform/racial justice: 9
Voting rights: 7
Economic inequality: 3
Prison: 1
Surveillance: 2
Abortion: 3
DC Statehood: 2
ACLU fundraising: 1
Trans issues: 63
Free speech: 1
Due process: 0
The Southern Poverty Law Center claims it’s dedicated to fighting hate. But some things are more important than fighting hate.

Like “equity”.

In the name of equity, the SPLC announced that it’s shutting down its black nationalist hate groups category like the Nation of Islam. After “doing the internal work of anti-racism”, the SPLC will no longer list black racist hate groups because “the hate is not equal”.

The SPLC hs been anti-White for years.

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