Friday, February 19, 2021

Whitewashing a commie past

NY Times obituary:
Walter Bernstein, a proudly "secular" Jewish screenwriter best known for his 1960s and '70s dramas and for being blacklisted during the McCarthy era, has died at 101….

Bernstein, born to a Jewish family in Brooklyn, called himself a "secular, self-loving Jew of a leftist persuasion," according to the Times.

That persuasion got him labeled as a communist sympathizer in the 1950s, when the infamous House Un-American Activities Committee cracked down on leftist attitudes in Hollywood.

No, as the law professor explains at the above link.

The Jewish press is always complaining that McCarthyism was some sort of anti-semitic harassment of naturally leftist Jews.

The HUAC was nothing like the cancel culture of today. Bernstein was not just a "sympathizer". He was a hard-core Stalinist Communist. Those people were evil, and traitors to America.

Still, he was not targeted for just being a Communist. The concern that Hollywood was putting out Commie propaganda, and following orders from the Kremlin.

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