Thursday, February 11, 2021

Democrat complaint is about FBI fronts

Much of the impeachment case against Donald Trump is based on the Jan. 6 riot being an organized and pre-planned event, with the leaders being the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers. Who are they? I don't know much about them, except that they are run by FBI informants.

NY Post:

Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio previously worked as a “prolific” undercover informant for local and federal law enforcement — leading to the prosecution of more than a dozen people, according to a new report.
Time magazine:
A man who authorities say is a leader of the far-right Oath Keepers militia group and helped to organize a ring of other extremists and led them in the attack last month at the U.S. Capitol has held a top-secret security clearance for decades and previously worked for the FBI, his attorney said Monday.
I am not sure what is going on here, but it is strange that whenever some right-wing plot is uncovered, the FBI is at the heart of it.

So I am having a little trouble connecting the dots. The FBI works for the DoJ, and the DoJ works for the White House. Did Trump order the FBI to spearhead this conspiracy?

No, that has not been alleged. The Democrats showed video of the protesters marching into the Capitol, but they never got into the House chamber, and they never hurt anyone. Some politicians took some evasive actions, but they never appeared to be under any serious threat. The only protester with a visible weapon had a baseball bat that he probably used to help break a window. Supposedly another had a stun gun in his belt, but he never drew it or threatened anyone with it.

What was notably missing was any allegation of a specific crime. The Democrats complained over and over that Trump had not accepted the legitimacy of the election reports. But they did not say that it was a crime to complain about an election. Instead it was all personalized over how they hate Trump, and want to punish Trump.

At first I thought that the "Bill of Attainder" defense was silly, but not anymore. This whole impeachment can be summarized by Democrats saying "we don't like Trump's attitude, and we are going to punish him for it." There is nothing resembling a legitimate prosecution based on the laws and procedures from before Trump.

The Democrats effectively admitted that there was no crime, because of a long argument that, if it were unconstitutional to impeach him, then there would be no way to punish him for what he did! If Trump has committed an actual crime, and is no longer in office, then he can be prosecuted like anyone else.

They keep saying things like "deadly armed insurrection", but the videos plainly show that it was not armed, and not deadly. They say five people died, but the five were all Trump supporters. One was an unarmed woman who was shot at point-blank range by an unnamed policeman. The rest appear to have all died from nonviolent medical causes. None of these has been called a homicide, nor has anyone been charged. Saying that rioters killed a Capitol police officer appears to be all a hoax.

The Democrats alternated between arguing that the Jan. 6 protest was a pre-planned event by citizen groups, and arguing that it was a spontaneous riot provoked by Trump. It cannot be both.


Anonymous said...

"They say five people died, but the five were all Trump supporters." Well, then, I guess Sicknick's death is all a hoax.

geez, that failing NYT publishing fake news again... it's just terrible that the first amendment allows it!

Are you fucking nuts???

Roger said...

That NYT article says: "Sicknick died after clashing with the pro-Trump mob". That much is true. But there is no evidence that the death had anything to do with the clash. All those stories about him being beaten to death appear to be a hoax. There is no autopsy showing anyone injured him, and no one has been charged.

Roger said...

The NYT has now retracted its story with:

UPDATE: New information has emerged regarding the death of the Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick that questions the initial cause of his death provided by officials close to the Capitol Police.