Saturday, February 13, 2021

Congress Democrats caught faking evidence

The Trump lawyers showed that the Democrat evidence consisted largely of faked and out-of-context quotes. When the full context was shown, there was nothing wrong with what Trump said.

I expect Democrats to lie, but I was surprised that they used the Charlottesville very people lie again. Biden and others said this many times, but saying it in the impeachment trial is bizarre, as they had to know that the Trump lawyers would show the whole quote.

While video showed Trump using the word "fight", the same word was used by a great many Democrats in a much more belligerent manner.

I was also surprised to see lead prosecutor Jamie Raskin mention his Jewish father in connection to an argument that Trump has no free speech rights. His father transmitted the stolen Pentagon Papers to the NY Times, and would have been criminally prosecuted, but for an expansive reading of the First Amendment.

The impeachment doesn't make much sense. If they thought that Trump committed, they could just prosecute him for it, now that he is out of office. But they know that the precedents say that he was clearly within his free speech rights. If they thought that he non-criminal bad behavior that justified kicking him out of office, then they could have delivered impeachment papers to the Senate while he was still in office. They chose not to do that. If they wanted to invent a crime and then accuse Trump of committing it, they could have described the crime in the article of impeachment. They didn't do that either. What they did was just to make a big complaint that Trump said that the election was stolen.

And now it turns out that the Lincoln Project was run by corrupt and immoral characters. They raised a lot of money to help defeat Trump, and we still don't know who financed them.

And now we know that Dem NY Gov Andrew Cuomo covered up the deaths of 1000s of nursing home residents, in order to cover up incompetence and blame Trump. Much of Biden's campaign was based on Cuomo handling the coronavirus better than Trump, and now we know it was all a lie.

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