Thursday, February 18, 2021

Math Schooling is White Supremacist

Schools are starting to endorse Equitable Math, including Oregon:
The Oregon Department of Education is promoting a so-called micro-course in “math equity” which begins later this month and will offer “key tools for engagement [and] strategies to improve equitable outcomes for Black, Latinx, and multilingual students.”

As noted in the Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction‘s “Stride 1” toolkit, one of the ways to do this is by “visibilizing the toxic characteristics of white supremacy culture with respect to math.”

The main point of this is that mathematical proficiency is a White supremacist concept.

The London Daily Mail reports:

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison has announced he will no longer appear in the TV special and said he is 'deeply remorseful' for 'excusing historical racism' after he defended a contestant who attended a plantation-themed ball.

Harrison, who has hosted the ABC reality television dating show since 2002, issued a statement on his Instagram Saturday saying he is 'ashamed' of the 'pain' he has caused to people of color and that he is committed to 'evolve and be a better man.' ...

Harrison said in a controversial interview with former Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay that people should show 'compassion' toward Kirkconnell, despite photos surfacing of her at a plantation-themed party and her liking photos on social media of the Confederate flag.

No, he is not going to evolve to be a better, after being fired from a job he held for 20 years. He was a better man for urging compassion, but now he will have to join the cancel culture, and ostracize someone for attending a harmless party.

There were many attempts to cancel Rush Limbaugh. Not so much in the last year, as he was terminally ill and it was easier to let him die. I expect to see renewed efforts to cancel Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and few other remaining broadcasters who have not been taken over by lizard people.

Pres. Biden notices:

“Did you ever five years ago think every second or third ad out of five or six should turn out to be biracial couples?” Biden said. “No, no I’m not, I’m not be facetious..”
It is not just the ads. The feature movies on Netflix are mostly interracial now. The latest is Behind Her Eyes, where a black divorced woman with a kid seduces her husband, frames him for a crime, and destroys his marriage. Then she kills his wife and marries him. But they are not who they appear to be, because of astral projection. I suggest reading the spoilers before watching this garbage.

Americans are consuming more foreign content than ever, such as Netflix. I suspect that a lot of it is that you can watch a Russian movie on Netflix, dubbed in English, and it won't be filled with Blacks and LGBTQIAs aggressively debasing common values.

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