Saturday, February 20, 2021

Biden announces new discriminatory policies

Warren Farrell writes in a Newsweek op-ed:
Every new president vows to heal the very divide his party and opponents have spent the last year and billions of dollars magnifying. Invariably, the plea translates into "unify by agreeing with me." One of President Joe Biden's first policies appeared to bridge the gender divide by creating a White House Gender Policy Council. ... The Gender Policy Council's mission is to help only women and girls. Boys are left out. Fathers are left out. Men are left out. Even transgender people and gays are left out—if they are male. ... Part of the Gender Council's stated mission is racial injustice. For females only. Yet it is Black males who are 24 times more likely than Black females to be shot by police. ... The solution? Since the Moynihan Report in 1965, we have known that inner city crime emanated predominantly from the 25 percent of Black males growing up in dad-deprived homes. That percentage is now in excess of 70 percent.
The mission is also to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, to ban govt discrimination on account of sex.

THe NY Times raves about how it will focus on women.

So Biden says equality and equity, but the policies will only be favoring discriminating against men.

On the positive side, I am happy to see that CNN is starting to fact-check Biden's lies. They are numerous.

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