Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Trump Acquitted

Is there any doubt now that the impeachment was just a partisan power play?

The Dems only convinced one guy, Mitt Romney, who happens to be the one with a personal grudge against Trump. It is a fitting end to the matter that Romney cast the lone anti-Trump vote.

I used to think that Mormons like Romney were pro-America conservatives. No, they are just cuckservatives. Trump's 2016 was, in part, the result of Republican disgust for Romney and his kind.

Trump is now exonerated on all charges. The Dems ranted about Trump's taxes, emoluments, the Mueller investigation, etc, but effectively exonerated him on all those things by deciding not to charge them.

The impeachment was based on secret hearings, anonymous accusations, and personal attacks. No crime was ever charged. There was no first-hand evidence either. It was all just hearsay, Deep State cold warriors complaining about policy differences, and Jews claiming that the Founders would have disliked Trump.

I think that the Dems deliberately went with bogus charges as a way of showing that this was all about their contempt for Trump, and not much else. It was impossible for any objective person to think that Trump had committed a crime.

It is a great day in America that the Senate has stood up for truth and justice.

Update: Nancy Pelosi and Romney both demonstrated extreme childishness. More and more, Trump seems more like the only adult in Washington DC.

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