Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Moms claim abuse to get child custody

Feminists tend to argue that moms should always get child custody, and here is an example in
For this first-ever national study, Meier and her research team analyzed published court opinions that were available online between 2005 and 2014, resulting in their data set of 4,388 custody cases. ...

Here are some of the more important findings:

When fathers alleged mothers were alienating, regardless of abuse claims, they took custody away from her 44% of the time. When the genders were reversed, and fathers started out with the children, mothers took custody from fathers only 28% of the time. Fathers were overall much more likely to win than mothers by claiming alienation.
If the dad won 44%, then presumably the moms won 56%. This is evidence of discrimination against dads, if anything.

It is also rare for mothers to win custody from fathers, because usually the mothers have to be pretty bad for the fathers to get custody in the first place.

In a lot of these child custody disputes, the mom is asking for sole custody while the dad asks for shared custody. The mom gets a huge financial bonus if she wins sole custody. But to win, she has to invent abuse allegations, and the court has little power to determine whether she is lying.

Decisions for joint custody should not be considered wins for the dad. Those are wins for the child.

The Forbes article is also criticized here.

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