Friday, February 07, 2020

Why people like historical movies

The NY Times gripes about the movie Oscars:
A quick glance at the best picture nominees reveals just how impenetrable that armor is: Of the nine films in this category, all but two spend the majority of their running times at least 39 years in the past. Each of these period pieces is overwhelmingly homogeneous when it comes to race, gender or both; the fact that they are set firmly in the past seemingly allows them to exist without much pushback.

“Ford v Ferarri,” for instance, is based on the true story of the rivalry between the rugged American car manufacturing behemoth and the Italian luxury carmaker during the 1960s. It’s the quintessential white “dad movie” — guys racing cars, guys talking about cars, guys arguing over cars.
I have a theory that these historical movies are popular largely because they are throwbacks to the good old days when White men accomplished things, and the stories can be told without inserting propaganda for identity politics.

I just watched The Stranger, a typical Netflix production. It takes place in England, which was a White country until recently. But this is today, and there are racial statements throughout the shows.

The title character is mixed race. Most of the relationships are inter-racial. No one voices any objection to it, although curiously, the inter-racial relationships are disasters. Most of the supporting characters are Black. Most of these Netflix shows have gay characters, although this did not (unless I missed something).

The casting director is not race-blind. Obviously each racial choice is made quite deliberately, and they are pushing some leftist political statement on us in many of the scenes.

While I don't hear people openly complain about this Netflix propaganda, I suspect that they would rather watch the historical shows where they don't such racial-sexual views repeatedly shoved in our faces.

The complaint that Oscars are White is not really correct. Over the past 40 years or so, Blacks have many Oscar nominations and wins. Likewise with other awards. The most conspicuous ethnic group there is Jews, not Whites.

In other movie news, Jessica Mann testified:
“I don’t need an excuse, I own my behavior.”
This is to explain that she continued a consensual sexual relationship with Harvey Weinstein for three years after he supposedly raped her. Wow, this trial is a joke. Weinstein may get convicted because of the large amount of irrelevant but prejudicial testimony, and the selection of jurors who do not understand female human nature. I am predicting a hung jury.

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