Wednesday, February 26, 2020

How Weinstein got convicted

So how did prosecutors convict a Jewish movie producer of having a casting couch?

By hiring a female Jewish forensic psychiatrist expert witness, of course!

The NY Post reports:
The smartest thing the prosecution did was call Dr. Barbara Ziv, a forensic psychologist who testified to “rape myths” in Bill Cosby’s trial, to do the same here.

Ziv told the jury that more often than not, victims don’t report or disclose right away. Most victims actually know their assailants, and they often don’t resist. When it’s over, they often try to recast the assault as an encounter gone wrong or a one-time exception.

And very often, Ziv said, victims maintain a relationship with their rapist because “they can’t really believe that this happened to them. They’re hoping that this is just an aberration. You hear that all the time.”

And Weinstein, in vacillating between predator and benefactor, played right into that destabilizing dynamic, one in which his targets could never be sure he was truly a bad guy.
I couldn't find out much about her. She is supposed to be at Temple U., but she is not listed on their faculty page. Maybe being an expert witness is too lucrative to bother teaching.

Much of psychiatry is just bogus stuff Jews believe in.

Cosby and Weinstein will probably spend the rest of their lives in prison, but the appellate courts should not be allowing this sort of testimony. There is no scientific basis for it. It is just a Jewish feminist legal opinion that women should be able to change their minds about a sexual encounter, and complain about it many years later.

In the court of public opinion, Weinstein was destroyed by the NY Times and Ronan Farrow. Their stories were gossip from many years ago. There was no physical evidence, police reports, or contemporaneous reports.

What we have here is a re-definition of legal consent, and the infantilization of women. They are no longer capable of consent, at any age. A child cannot legally consent. And now even a 30-year-old woman can send hundreds of messages indicating consent, and years later some court might decide otherwise. MeToo means women must be treated like children.

The NY Times reports:
The actress Ashley Judd, who was among the first to go on the record for The New York Times’s 2017 investigation of Mr. Weinstein, tweeted:

‘I have mixed reactions about the whole case’

Ashley Judd also told The Times that the outcome was not her ideal form of justice. “I would love for Harvey to have a restorative justice process in which he could come emotionally to terms with his wrongs” through reconciliation, she said, rather than court proceedings leading to incarceration.
So obviously Judd does not believe that Weinstein committed a crime. She wanted him confronted for his rude behavior, and she wanted some sort of female emotional closure by telling him off or something like that. Women often have weird mixed feelings toward their ex-lovers.

This is all some sort of Jewish feminist power play.

Speaking of Jews in Hollywood, Disney just promoted a new guy to CEO. Could this be the first non-Jewish CEO in Hollywood? Nope. He is Jewish, and so is most of the rest of Disney management. You can count on more sick anti-Christian messages in their movies.

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