Thursday, February 06, 2020

Taxi drivers do not want to spread infections

China reacts to coronavirus by building a hospital in ten days, and shipping exposed patients to concentration camps.

What do we do? Make threats against those who take obvious precautions:
The rapid international spread of the potentially deadly Coronavirus is causing panic and discrimination among Uber and Lyft drivers in the United States.

According to CNBC, racial bias incidents related to ride-sharing platforms Lyft and Uber, these incidents appear to be happening despite their efforts to curb discriminatory behavior. One member of a Facebook group with more than 12,000 Lyft and Uber drivers noted that at least five posts per day mention the virus. The member, who shared screenshots with CNBC, said that many drivers were saying they did not want to pick up riders of Asian descent and that it was not safe to do so.

Incidents have been recorded in San Francisco and Seattle, areas of the country with large Asian decent populations. CNBC did not report any specific incidents in New York City.
All of the coronavirus patients are Chinese. 100%. Drivers are doing a public service by trying not to spread the germs.

China also built a 57-story skyscraper in 19 days. Remember when American used to be able to accomplish things like that?

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