Thursday, January 09, 2020

GOP leader silenced for saying who is behind impeachment

The Times of Israel reports:
Delaware GOP leader faces calls for resignation over Facebook posts about Jews
Sussex County Republican Party Vice Chair Nelly Jordan singles out Jews as being responsible for the impeachment of Trump

JTA — A Republican Party leader in Delaware is under fire for Facebook comments about Jews.

Sussex County Republican Party Vice Chair Nelly Jordan in her post singled out Jews as mainly responsible for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Her Facebook page appears to have been deleted.

“What amazes me the most in these theatrical Congress hearings, is to see how many Jews ‘In Name Only’ lend themselves to be in the hoaks (sic) of the pure made up story of Impeachment that the Democrats have woven as spiders catching flies and bugs,” the post said, according to a report Friday in the Delaware State News.

“These jews (sic) have been enrolled to come and testify, to come and interrogate and to be involved in anything that the Democrats enlist them to do to try to look credible to the people of this country,” the post also said.

Jordan also wrote Jews were going against the Lord’s will “as it was in the times of the Old Testament.”

“The remarks made by Nelly Jordan, who was elected to her post by the Sussex County GOP Executive Committee, were offensive, hurtful and anti-Semitic,” state GOP Chairwoman Jane Brady said in a statement issued Thursday.

The statement said since Jordan was elected she can not be immediately removed from her post. “Nelly will have to make a choice of either resigning or going through a process to seek her removal,” Brady said.
It is an objective fact that the impeachment is being led by Jews. It has been called a Jew coup.

But Jordan is an elected official who faced removal from office for pointing out the obvious. The criticism of her is only that it offends the Jews to point out what they are doing, and not that she said anything false.

How is it that the Jews have so much power that they can impeach the President, and then destroy anyone who points it out?

I try reading Jewish publications for explanations, but they just brag about their power and influence. No other ethnic group is so powerful, or so opposed to the American political system.

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