Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Debating racism with a woke author

I listened to this conversation: Sam Harris debates racism with woke author.

Harris has a knack for exposing how leftists think. In this case, his guest says that he has written a 500-page book arguing that the Left needs to talk about racial social justice all the time, and when right-wingers don't talk about race, the leftists need to expose their dog whistles.

His best example of a White Supremacist dog whistle was Tucker Carlson saying that foreign-born voters have changed the demographics and politics of Virginia.

Harris made the obvious point that Carlson was just making an objective observation about elections, without any reference to opinions about White people.

Harris and his guest did agree on two things: that we must all do whatever we can to defeat Pres. Trump, and that people do not have free will.

To justify the attacks on Carlson and other right-wingers, the guest kept talking about Charlottesville where some chanted "Jews will not replace us." Since then, he says that it has been clear that the world is divided between those who accept Jewish plans to demographically replace Whites with non-whites, and those who don't. Carlson's comment, he says, indicates resistance to the demographic replacement of Whites, and therefore the Left must use all tools at its disposal to shame him as a racist.

The leftist guest obviously thinks that the public is too stupid to understand demographic replacement. He says we have no free will, and if the media controls the language used, then we will be powerless to do anything about it.

Harris points out that his whole plan is built on lies. The leftist media lies about Trump, Charlottesville, and everything else. Harris thinks it is a very dangerous plan because White may see the lies, wake up to what is going on, and become White supremacists.

A few years ago, I would have dismissed these guys as nuts or trolls. But arguments like this appear regularly in the NY Times and other Jewish-influenced newspaper. Many articles acknowledge that demographic changes are leading political changes, but if you express any resistance, or if you even comment on adverse effects on White people, the papers denounce you in the strongest terms.

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