Friday, January 03, 2020

Fat feminists hate exercise bikes

Business news:
(Bloomberg Opinion) -- As a public relations professor, I know a few of my fellow professionals can be counted on to do things that keep my students’ jaws dropping in class each week — and, like 2018, this year was no exception. Here are the five decisions that beat out stiff competition to rank as the worst corporate PR moves of 2019: ...

2. The Peloton ad depicting a svelte woman making a video to thank her male partner for buying her an exercise bike for Christmas. The ad was widely interpreted as disturbing because the woman appeared to many to be frightened. Some pointed out that the woman was already trim and hardly needed to lose weight; others said the ad reinforced stereotypes of women needing to stay in shape in order to keep their affluent significant others (the bike costs over $2,000, before monthly subscription fees). These reactions were of course eminently predictable. ... The ad could have been an easy win just by, say, showing a woman giving the gift to a man instead.
This is sick.

First, did Peloton sales go up or down? The fat feminist complainers were not from the target market anyway. If sales went up, then it was a successful ad.

Second, the woman is excited and happy, not frightened.

Third, what kind of fool believes that skinny women don't excersize? Just visit your local gym, and you will find lots of skinny men and women exercising.

Apparently some people see an exercise bike, and can only imagine it as a tool of misogynistic oppression. Maybe they misheard the audio, and thought that it was an exercise dyke.

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