Sunday, May 19, 2019

Pope takes orders from Jewish cabal

Jews are the only ethnic group that regulates what everyone can say about them. Even if you say something true and self-evident about them, like "the Israel lobby spends money to support pro-Israel policies", then the Jews will blast you as anti-semitic, censor you, and de-platform you.

The Jews even try to regulate how the Pope quotes the Bible!

The Times of Israel reports:
Pope Francis is being urged by experts to take greater care when referring to “hypocritical” Pharisees, a stereotype that fueled centuries of bad blood between Catholics and Jews.

Catholic-Jewish relations blossomed after the Second Vatican Council — which in 1965 finally urged respect for Judaism — and Francis is a clear friend of the Jews, insisting the Church continue to apologize for anti-Semitism.

But for centuries, Jesus’s Jewish origins were obscured and the Jews were held collectively responsible for his death.

And the pontiff’s tendency to quote directly from New Testament passages where Jesus slams members of the small religious and political group as “hypocrites” has been troubling rabbis concerned about anti-Semitism.

Some 400 Jewish and Christian Bible scholars gathered in Rome last week to exchange research notes on the Pharisees, a group about which little is known historically but which came to represent all Jews in Catholic tradition. To Jews, the Pharisees include some of the earliest of the Sages whose collective legal and spiritual debates over some seven centuries, until the fifth century CE, are recorded in the vast compilation called the Talmud, Judaism’s central post-Biblical text.

But the image of the “treacherous” Pharisees appears down the centuries in dictionaries, academic articles, films and Protestant and Catholic preaching, with the word “Pharisee” becoming a synonym for hypocrite in the West.

“They lacked life. They were, so to speak, ‘starched.’ They were rigid… The people didn’t matter to them: The Law mattered to them,” Francis said of Pharisees in a homily in October.
This is so bizarre. I cannot imagine Catholic priests trying to tell rabbis how to quote the Talmud, even tho the Talmud has all sorts of derogatory text about non-Jews.

Of course the Pope should not be listening to anyone outside the Church. He appears to be a heretic or an impostor. But how did Jews get so much power that they can tell the Pope what to say?

This is not the first time, either. In 2015, the Pope said that the Church should not try to convert Jews. This was obviously done to please Jewish rabbis, even if it means the Jews will be going to Hell.

I don't want to blame all Jews for this. I will be on the lookout for Jews who disavow this, and say that it is okay for the Pope to quote the Bible, without being subject to Jewish censors.

Here is another example of Jewish thinking, from today's NY Times:
Many of Europe’s populists share the intentions of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia to widen political divisions and weaken Western institutions. Those tactics have involved interfering in democratic campaigns including the United States 2016 elections. And a Russian woman, Maria Butina, was sentenced to 18 months in prison in April after admitting that she had been part of that effort.
No, this is just Jewish craziness.

Europe's populists want to keep out Moslem jibadists and invaders. The populists are trying to strengthen Western institutions. The Moslem invaders are being brought in by Jewish activists like George Soros. It is not that Jews like Moslems. Jews hate Moslems. Jews want to bring in Moslems in order to widen political divisions and weaken Western institutions.

And yet this Jewish newspapers blames it all on the Russians!

I don't know if the Pharisees were hypocrites of this sort, but the Jews at the NY Times are the biggest hypocrites in the world today. It is reasonable to assume that Jesus would denounce them, just like the Pharisees.

As evidence, the NY Times points to the Maria Butina plea bargain!

I tried to read her indictment to figure out what she did that was criminal, and I don't see. She came to the USA from Russia, met with some people, and expressed some opinions. That's all. She was charged on the hopes that she would provide evidence of others committing crimes, but she didn't know anything. She is a political prisoner, and I expect her to get pardoned.

Update: Al-Jazeera had to take down a video, to please the Jews. Apparently the video said that Hitler supported Zionism, in order to get rid of the Jews from Germany and maybe surrounding areas. Is there any TV that is not controlled by the Jews?

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