Saturday, May 18, 2019

Jewish Comedian goes nuts

Jewish Comedian Steve Hofstetter has posted this video rant that he excerpted from a comedy club performance. It is bizarre.

He starts by attacking non-Jews who resist Jewish-influenced demographic displacement. Then he mocks Hobby Lobby, and says that Jews would not want to work there. Then he asks the audience where Jews do want to work, and someone in the audience says "TV".

Hofstetter then goes into a tirade against the guy as being anti-semitic, and has the guy kicked out of the club. The guy had not said anything negative about Jews. WTF?

The guy said he worked in TV, and Hofstetter threatened to use his Jewish influence to get the guy fired!

Do Jews think that this sort of nonsense is funny? I did not see anything funny about anything Hofstetter said. All I get out of what he said is that he hates non-Jews, and he uses "anti-semitic" as a meaningless epithet to throw at any non-Jew he does not like.

The Daily Stormer responds:
Our big three:

NBC is run by Comcast, chaired by Jewish CEO Brian L. Roberts.
CBS has failed to name a new CEO since Jew Les Moonves was metooed, but the interim CEO is the Jew Strauss Zelnick.
ABC is owned by Jewish Disney and run by the Jew Robert Iger.

Fox was notable because it was not run by a Jew. However, Disney recently purchased Fox Entertainment, so now the network television station of Fox is run by a Jew, while only Fox News remains run by non-Jew Rupert Murdoch.

Of the other 24 hour news channels:

MSNBC is owned by Jewish Comcast.
CNN is run by the Jew Jeff Zucker.

Also of interest:

Turner Broadcasting, which controls an array of television stations, is headed by the Jew David Levy.
ESPN is a subsidiary of Jewish Disney.
USA Network is a subsidiary of Jewish NBC.
Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Science Channel, TLC, HGTV, Travel Channel, Food Network, and DIY Network are subsidiaries of Discovery, Inc., whose CEO is Jew David Zaslav.
Univision, a Spanish-language channel, is run by the Israeli Jew Haim Saban.
The CW is a subsidiary of Jewish CBS.
HBO is run by Jewish CEO Richard Plepler.

And it goes on and on.

Ultimately, the truth is that if you exclude Fox Corporation – now only Fox News – you find that close to 100% of television stations are either run by a Jew or subsidiaries of a company run by a Jew.

Furthermore, virtually every single individual television show, whether entertainment or news, is produced by Jews.

Jews are 2% of the population. So even if we make the extremely conservative estimate that only 90% of power positions in the television industry are held by Jews, there is still a phenomenal 4,500% per capita overrepresentation of Jews controlling television media.

And when any group holds 90% of the power positions in an industry, I don’t think it is anything other than an objective fact to say that that group “controls” that industry.
So yes, it is an objective fact that Jews work in TV and control the major channels.

This Jewish humor is really sick.

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