Monday, May 20, 2019

Not OK to be an innocent Cubs fan

A NY Times op=ed, by a black former baseball player:
On May 7, during a television broadcast of a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field, I was on camera doing in-game commentary for NBC Sports Chicago when, unbeknown to me, a fan behind me wearing a Cubs sweatshirt made an upside-down “O.K.” sign with his hand. ...

Because I am a person of color, the fan’s gesture suggested its sinister meaning. ...

Later that day, the Cubs completed their investigation and banned the fan from Wrigley Field indefinitely. ...

According to the [Jewish] Anti-Defamation League, users of the online message board 4chan originally introduced the idea that the “O.K.” sign was a white supremacist symbol as a prank to get the media to overreact to innocuous gestures — but the sign soon morphed into a genuine expression of white supremacy as well. ...

If the Cubs fan is innocent, he will be O.K. That would be the just outcome. But racism will remain. Being wrongfully accused, while unfair, is not the same as living a life where your skin color automatically makes you a target.
This is lunacy. He says that it is a "just outcome" to punish an innocent Cubs fans, because blacks will still be black and because some Jewish web site says that white supremacists are playing a prank on the media.

How did we get to the point where NY Times op-eds advocate punishing innocent white Cubs fans because of wacky Jewish conspiracy theories?

The Wash. Post and others are all excited about this trivial debate excerpt:
A Missouri House member said rape can be 'consensual.' A female colleague quickly corrected him. During the Missouri House debate on the abortion bill on May 17, state Rep. Barry Hovis (R) said the vast majority of rape cases he encountered as a law enforcement official had been situations of date rape and "consensual rape." Hovis later told reporters he misspoke.
When someone in law enforcement refers to "rape cases", he obviously means investigations of rape allegations. The police collect evidence, and do not determine guilt. So if he said 99% of the cases are date rape cases and consensual rape cases, he is making the point that they are not necessarily crimes, and not the stranger abduction rape cases that are such serious crimes.

The usual dopey feminists are complaining that there is no such thing as consensual rape, because rape is a crime requiring a lack of consent. Yes, but there certainly are a lot of rape cases that are shown to be about consensual acts.

The main complaint about the new Alabama abortion law is that there is no exception for rape, and of course they mean consensual rape. That is, women want to be able to get an abortion when they say the pregnancy was caused by a rape, even tho there was no contemporaneous police report.

Milo Yiannopoulos seems to have gone off the deep end, and predicted civil war. I do think that we are headed in that direction. However, I also think that civil war would be a disaster, and that reasonable steps will be taken to avoid such a disaster. Things would have been much worse of Donald Trump had not been elected. We desperately need more Trumps to stand up to the evils destroying this nation.

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