Monday, April 30, 2018

UN Population projection for 2100

From Visual Capitalist:
According to the most recent projections by the United Nations, the global population will rise from 7.6 billion to 11.2 billion people by 2100. ...

Although 83 million people are being added to the global population every year, this population growth differs greatly by region. As a result, it’s worth looking at two major factors to see why this is the case.

The first is the fertility rate, which has obvious implications on population growth. On a global basis, this rate (measured in births per woman) is close to 2.5, and by 2100 it will have dropped to 2.0. ...

The second measure that plays a big role in these projections is life expectancy. For each new person born, how long are they expected to live? ...

According to these same estimates, it is expected between 2017-2050 that half of all global population growth will be in just nine countries (in this order): India, Nigeria, DRC, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Tanzania, United States, Uganda, and Indonesia.

Over that duration of time, it’s also projected that the populations of 26 African countries will at least double.
Click on the link to see the animated projections.

The chart is not broken down by race, but it looks like the evil fantasy of a conspiracy to exterminate the white race. It does show N. American growing to 500M ppl, but most of those will be non-white.

No, this is from official UN estimates. The are the result of trends caused by today's social policies. It is hard to see how the world will even feed itself in the year 2100.

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