Sunday, April 15, 2018

Thought on blackmail and other news

Most violent revolutions make the people worse off. If you want to help the Syrians, then you should hope Assad kills as many revolutionaries as possible, by whatever means.

According to reports, the black men in Starbuck did not buy anything, and repeatedly refused to leave when asked by the management. They even refused to leave when asked by the police. Stores also call cops on white ppl under these circumstances, and cops remove the trespassers.

Starbucks is a business, and it doesn't make its money off black men.

James Comey is only proving that he should have been fired sooner.

When the G.W. Bush supporters said "Mission Accomplished", they referred to a mission that in fact had been accomplished.

Yes, Iraq is still a screwed-up place, and it might continue to be for the next millennium.

I blogged many times about how the evidence against Scooter Libby was extremely weak. The main piece of evidence that his recollection of a conversation differed from that of Tim Russert, and it seemed to me that Russert had much more of an incentive to lie.

Valerie Plame deserved to be outed, as she used her CIA position to publicly spread lies about the war. She was apparently outed by herself and Armitage, not Libby.

It is possible that Libby had a secret deal with Bush to be the fall guy for administration lying about Iraq.

It is good to hear that Paul Ryan has given up his war against Pres. Trump. Ryan has been a disaster as Speaker. He was mainly popular among cuckservatives.

It is hard to see how Backpage is any more guilty of crimes than any other dating site. They all include ads from women who suggest sexual availability in exchange for a man's money. And now that there is a new federal law to apply, I don't see how any of the sites can stay clear of the law.

Stormy Daniels is a prostitute who gets paid for performing sex acts on camera, and a blackmailer for demanding payments in exchange for her silence. And a crook for taking the money and then cheating on the deal.

I occasionally hear ppl say that Trump must have had the liaison, or else why would he have authorized payment? The argument is illogical. The purpose of blackmail is to extract money from someone who does not want an allegation made public. In this case, we have no way of determining the truth of the allegations, but it could be seen to be in Trump's interest to not have the allegations made public anyway.

Maybe Trump put a couple of million dollars in an account, and told he lawyer to use it to get rid of nuisance claims that have the potential to cause a lot of trouble, in his own judgment. It is possible that the lawyer paid off Daniels without discussing it with Trump or even having any opinion about whether the allegations were true or false.

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