Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Boycott Starbucks

I am always hearing how blacks and other minority and majority groups have difficulties in the USA, so it is enlightening to hear examples.

I have read in history books that under Jim Crow laws in the Old South, sometimes blacks had to eat at one end of the lunch counter while whites ate at the other end. I have never witnessed this myself.

Now apparently black men sometimes have to buy something if they want to use the Starbucks restroom.

And Starbucks admits one of the secrets to its success: It can get away with selling $5 coffee because its racist customers are willing to pay extra for the privilege of drinking coffee without blacks hanging around.

The $1 coffee at McDonalds is just as good, but you might encounter blacks there.

The story reveals a difference between whites and blacks. When the police tell white folks that they have to leave a private restaurant, they politely leave.

The Starbucks management was so startled by the behavior of these black trespassers, that they are shutting down their stores for a day to give lessons in dealing with rude blacks.

I am suspicious that Starbucks engineered this whole incident in order to encourage blacks to boycott Starbucks. Blacks who hang around Starbucks without buying anything are bad for business. Of course Starbucks cannot admit this, because it cannot afford to alienate white liberals who pretend to like blacks but do not want to drink coffee next to one.

Update: Wonder why Starbucks is waiting a month for the training shutdown? It only takes a few minutes to tell employees to treat whites and blacks the same. The answer is that Starbucks has hired liberal Jews to spend a month developing the training! I guess the Jewish customers are more valued than the black customers.

Update: Starbucks has fired the Jews, and decided to let blacks run the show. There was too much diversity in the diversity planning, I guess. Or maybe the blacks hate the Jews.

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