Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Brexit has been good for stocks

Lion blog writes:
June 23: 6338.10 Last close before Brexit vote.

June 27: 5982.10 Low after Brexit vote. Commetentators in mainstream media saying “see, Brexit destroyed the United Kingdom’s economy, you stupid voters are getting what you deserve.”

August 15: 6941.19 Today. Up 10% since June 23, up 16% since June 27. Maybe the stupid voters were right and mainstream media commentators were actually the stupid people?
Yes, I am concluding more and more that the globalists are systematically lying to us.

They all said that Brexit would be an economic catastrophe, and gloated afterwords about how Brexit had destroyed a trillion dollars of market capitalization.

They say similar things about immigration and trade deals. They are ideologically committed to be against Britain or any other country being independent and self-sufficient.

Sometimes I think that immigration, trade deals, and foreign wars are all designed with the main purpose of destroying middle class wealth.

With all the economic and technological progress of the last 50 years, you would think that all middle class American ppl would be wealthy by now. Instead, they are mostly in debt.

The supposed experts in the news media were against Brexit, and now they are against Donald Trump. Do you believe them?

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