Wednesday, August 10, 2016

ISIS wants Hillary Clinton elected

I just heard some supposed experts on NPR Radio say that Donald Trump is the President that ISIS wants, because he portrays Islamic terrorism as the enemy.

This is the opposite of the truth.

Radical Islam wants to take over the world, but they know they can never win with either persuasion or military power. So they are following this plan:

1. Get the West's attention by terrorist attacks.
2. Bait USA and Europe into wars to depose the secular govts in Islamic countries.
3. Get popular uprisings to force militant Islamic control of Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, etc.
4. Create a humanitarian crisis, and flood Europe with Islamic migrants and refugees.
5. Under the guise of religious tolerance, replace European cathedrals with mosques.
6. Continue, depending the West lacking the will to defend its culture and borders.

The policies of Bill Clinton, G.W. Bush, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Trump-haters at the Pentagon and State Dept. have directly abetted this strategy. They have been suckered into fighting wars in behalf of Moslems. They have deposed the secular leaders of Islamic countries, and allowed Islamic radicals to take over. They have imported millions of Moslems into the USA. They have made excuses for Islamic terrorists, and denied that Islam has anything to do with the terrorism. They use NATO and trade threats to deter Europe from defending its borders. They deny that they have any responsibility to protect the USA and Europe from Islamification.

The Republicans at least got bipartisan, UN, and public support for their invasions. The Democrats never got approval for their pro-Moslem invasions of Bosnia, Kosovo, Libya, Syria, and other Islamic countries.

Hillary Clinton claims the credit for killing Libyan dictator Khaddafi, and making Libya the transit point for African migrants into Europe. She also advocates war to depose Assad in Syria, which would let ISIS take over and send more refugees into Turkey.

Trump is the first and only Presidential candidate to stand firmly against all of this. He is the only one to declare that American presidential policies should advance American interests first, and the only one to object to importing millions of Moslems from pro-terrorist areas.

The Trump-haters do not want to admit that their policies have been failures. Their policies have been much worse than failures. Not only have they failed to improve the Mideast countries that they were ostensibly trying to help, they have wasted trillions of dollars and advanced an Islamic invasion of Europe.

Instead of trying to defend their horrible policies, I see that the Trump-haters are once again claiming that Trump means something other than what he actually said.

As before, the interpretation is bizarre, is not implied, and does not even make any sense. Killing the President would not reverse a Supreme Court decision.

I think that it is correct that the 2A advocates would not give up and concede defeat, just because they got an adverse Supreme Court decision. Until the ruling of about 10 years ago (DC v Heller), a lot of them probably assumed that the Court would go against them. Their tools have been primarily educating the public with the facts about guns and gun use, and writing letters to legislators.

Ask yourself: Why is Trump hated so much? Is it because he wants to put America First? Because he agrees with how all the court of final authority have interpreted the Constitution on guns for 220 years, but now hangs by a 4-4 thread? Is it because he does not want an Islamic invasion of the USA?

Yes, these are some of the reasons he is hated.

Update: I posted this before hearing that Trump accused Obama and Clinton of being founders of ISIS. I do think that Al Qaeda and ISIS have advanced their goals greatly during the Obama administration, with the huge assistance of Obama and Clinton. We would have been much better off if Obama and Clinton had done nothing.

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