Friday, August 12, 2016

All sorts of Muslims writes:
Trump simply does not understand that there are all sorts of Muslims. There is no common Muslim identity or common interest, any more than there is a Christian, Hindu or Buddhist one. What has a Muslim in Indonesia have in common with a Moroccan Muslim? Nothing, save a vague attachment to the Muslim faith. In the Mideast, Muslim Sunni are almost at war with Shia Muslims. In South Asia, there is fierce enmity between different schools of Islam. Wahabis from Arabia are at scimitars drawn with easier-going Sufis from Asia.

In short, one cannot generalize about Muslims. The reason that America’s three million Muslims have no political clout is because they are so fragmented in faith, history, and culture. Disunity, tribalism, and localism are the curses of the Muslim world.

This is Understanding the Outside World 101. Alas, Trump and most Americans do not.
Did Trump ever say that all Muslims were the same?

Funny how he can say that "one cannot generalize about Muslims", and then procede to generalize about Muslims.

I am all in favor of distinguishing the good Muslims from the bad Muslims around the world, but Trump is running for President of the USA, not theology professor.

It is funny also how Margolis can point to fierce differences among schools of Islam, but then deny differences among the Muslim, Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist worlds.

Christians and Muslims have very much opposing world views. For the most part, Christians can tolerate Muslims and others, but Muslims cannot tolerate Christians. That is the first thing that an American President needs to know.

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