Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Alt Right hits prime time

CBS News reports:
Hillary Clinton will address Donald Trump and his campaign’s embrace of the “alt-right” political movement in a speech on Thursday, according to a Clinton campaign official.

“This “alt-right” brand is embracing extremism and presenting a divisive and dystopian view of America which should concern all Americans, regardless of party,” the official said.
This is getting interesting. Until recently, the alt-right was a fringe movement that could be dismissed by calling them neo-nazis.

Now, the mainstream news media is suddenly writing articles attacking them, such as this Wash. Post article:
“The single biggest issue of the 21st century is whether the First World has the will to resist being inundated by the Third World,” said Steve Sailer, an influential writer for VDare and Taki’s Magazine. “If we do preserve our borders, the Third World will figure out how to control its own fertility like everybody else has. If we don’t, though, we’ll become Rio with worse weather and scenery. But [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel’s [mistake] last year of letting in a million Muslim mob shows how badly the ideology of borderlessness has warped the judgment of the ruling class.”

Now Hillary Clinton is joining in. The alt-right will be called racist, ignorant, xenophobic, and white-supremacist. Curiously, these articles do not emphasize anti-semitism, as that is usually part of calling someone a Nazi.

I can only assume that the Jews in the news media have decided that they cannot plausibly accuse Trump of being anti-Jewish. Or that they do not want to draw attention to arguments about Jewish influence on society.

I would have advised Clinton to avoid the issue. She risks turning the election into a referendum on whether white ppl are good guys or bad guys. If you believe that whites are the cause of all the evil in the world, you will vote for Clinton. If you believe that white influence is overwhelmingly positive, you will vote against her.

I do believe Sailer is correct that the big issue of the coming decades is whether the Third World inundates the First. The trend is in that direction, unless the USA and Europe finds the will to limit immigration.

Will ppl watch Clinton's speech, and decide that the USA should be re-populated with brown ppl, and anyone who disagrees is an evil Nazi racist? I doubt it, but we shall see.

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