Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Explaining immigration politics

The NY Times reports:
What is driving this surge in anti-immigrant populism in Western politics?

Michael Ignatieff has a theory, one rooted in his research as a professor at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, and in his experience as former leader of Canada’s Liberal Party.

According to his argument, what we’re seeing is, in part, an ideological split between cosmopolitan elites who see immigration as a common good based in universal rights, and voters who see it as a gift conferred on certain outsiders deemed worthy of joining the community. ...

Cosmopolitans are perpetually surprised that, A, they’re only 1 percent of the population, and, B, most people don’t think like them. ...

This is a story not just about nationalism. It’s also a story about inequality. The division between cosmopolitans and nationalists is going to define the 21st century. ...

Isaiah Berlin called nationalism the bent twig. Globalization can bend the twig back, but at a certain point it will snap back with renewed force, and that’s what’s happening in Brexit. It’s happening across Europe.
There is some truth to this. But I doubt that many of those elites really believe in universal rights.

Britain may not have solved its immigration problem with BREXIT. Scotland may seccede and join the EU. Britain rejected a woman PM because she had kids to make her more invested in the future, chose a new woman PM with no kids like Angela Merkel.

Human nature makes such women want to submit to foreign invaders.


Anonymous said...

That has been the story for a long time now. Yet journalists are only starting to wake up. How do they get these jobs? Because they follow orders or fit the mold of the unconscious lackey? I have been expecting this for years. There is only so long you can suppress natural feelings with calls of racism and bigotry when people for the most part feel as though they are neither and yet they do not like mass immigration and the transformation of their societies. Then the news can no longer be suppressed, rape gangs, violent migrants, and the majority of welfare going to these migrants, as is the case in Germany and Sweden, and very likely also in France and the UK. Better now that this all comes out than letting it get worse because if the natives do not get what they want with a substantial decline in the mass immigration of these migrants from the Middle East then it will only take 1 or 2% organized to start building the bonfires, then the so-called Cosmopolitan elites can join the migrants when the fires are lit.

As for Scotland, forget the idea of them leaving the UK. Why? Oil is at $45 a barrel. It would take oil at over $120 a barrel to make an independent Scotland viable. Then what are they going to do for a currency? A prerequisite for joining the EU is joining the Euro-zone these days. The Euro would kill what is left of the Scottish economy and leave it Germany's Links Golf course. As for Northern Ireland, whilst they show some pro-European bias, most of the Unionists did not bother voting in the Brexit referendum. A referendum to leave the UK would be defeated because not only do Protestants support the Union unanimously, but many Catholics also do. It might be true that all Irish Nationalists are Catholic but it is also true that not all Catholics are Irish Nationalists. Then there would be the issue of whether the Republic of Ireland could afford to take on Northern Ireland, and how the Northern Irish economy would adjust to Euro-zone currency and prices. Thinking the UK will break up is scare tactics until such a time as there is enough wealth to make it possible, which would imply looking back into the past that Brexit was a good idea, and therefore, would mean people would have to forget it as the cause of the wealth to begin with. It is generations away, if it ever comes round again.

Roger said...

I am told that the Northern Ireland peace was premised, in part, on EU membership to guarantee free movement between Ireland and N. Ireland. Maybe they will have to make a new deal. It will be interesting. Self-determination is better anyway.