Friday, July 15, 2016

NY Times and neo-nazis agree

A NY Times article quotes a neo-nazi site, and that site agrees:
I agree with the general consensus which is reported in this article:

1.) Donald Trump is not one of us. He isn’t a racialist. He isn’t a White Nationalist. He certainly isn’t a Southern Nationalist. Trump can best be described as a nostalgic American civic nationalist who is driven by instinct and who taps into the racial and cultural grievances of the White majority. Still, Trump is a nationalist of sorts though, and he speaks our language, which is why we relate to him. After decades of cuckservatism, Trump’s message is a breath of fresh air.

2.) The cucks don’t have any principled objection to Trump. They have spent decades tapping into the same vein of racial and cultural anxiety in White America. Their objection to Trump is that they have lost control of their base and can’t harness all that energy and resentment to push their awful economic agenda.

3.) Trump is like an elephant who is trampling all over the boundaries of “mainstream” political discourse. He is breaking the rules and leading a mass movement of millions of White people off the reservation. In that sense, Trump is nothing but a good thing for us and I am going to continue to cheer him on.

4.) Trump has inflicted a fatal blow on the cucks. For that we owe him a debt of gratitude. Everything else that happens in this election cycle is just icing on the cake. The destruction of the cucks has always been the precondition of a nationalist revival.
Yes, it is amazing how much Trump has accomplished, even if he does not win in November. I think that he helped inspire the Brexit vote. He has proved that the Republicans do not need the cucks, the globalists, and the warmongers. He has made it politically acceptable to say that American policy should favor America first. He speaks with common sense about terrorist threats.

This is like Goldwater v LBJ or Reagan v Carter. A choice between a real American and a traitor.


Anonymous said...

As much as I like Trump and what he has achieved, and I actually suspect he will win, he had nothing to do with the Brexit. That was a long time coming. Euroscepticism has always been strong in the UK. The difference from the past was that a politician miscalculated by offering a referendum in the UK. David Cameron never thought he would win the election outright and never thought the referendum would take place. When he won, he was as shocked as anyone and he had to deliver.

The pressures both sides of the Atlantic have been under has given rise to both Brexit and Trump, and to a number of radical nationalist movements and general sentiment across Europe also.

I got away with saying this evening that the only solution to the terrorism problem in Europe was to deport all Muslims. No one batted an eyelid. I then said, it might mean the hijabs sporting a yellow crescent patch. Again, no one thought ill of that. The tide is turning when one can get away with that and not one call of racist or bigot. The only thing I didn't say was we should invade the Muslim world and utterly destroy their excuse for a civilization. People are ready for deportation, but not yet I think for the living space North Africa and the Middle East could offer Europeans. We could turn those places into a paradise if their weren't people already there. But maybe I am going to far. I would settle for the mass exodus of Muslims from all of Europe, never to return and live in peace with them.

Anonymous said...

Nowhere in the N.Y. Times article does it say that the N.Y. Times agrees with Neo-Nazis .

Roger said...

The NY Times would never admit to agreeing with neo-nazis.