Sunday, July 03, 2016

Feminism is not about equality

Cathy Young writes in the Wash. Post:
Feminist male-bashing has come to sound like a cliche — a misogynist caricature. Feminism, its loudest proponents vow, is about fighting for equality. The man-hating label is either a smear or a misunderstanding.

Yet a lot of feminist rhetoric today does cross the line from attacks on sexism into attacks on men, with a strong focus on personal behavior: the way they talk, the way they approach relationships, even the way they sit on public transit. Male faults are stated as sweeping condemnations; objecting to such generalizations is taken as a sign of complicity. Meanwhile, similar indictments of women would be considered grossly misogynistic.

This gender antagonism does nothing to advance the unfinished business of equality.
No, the loudest proponents of feminism show very little interest in equality. Her examples prove this.

The anti-feminists are not necessarily interested in equality either. See 7 Reasons Why A Male Cheater Is Better Than A Female Cheater. The arguments are based on human nature, and feminists usually deny human nature.

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