Saturday, July 23, 2016

American dream is for Americans

Here is the latest attack on Donald Trump, from the (((America-hating NY Times))):
Under his presidency, the American dream would be primarily reserved for Americans.

“The American people will come first once again,” he said.
The leftist Democrat appear to be genuinely perturbed that a US President would put America first, and make policies favorably to Americans.

Why would anyone vote for anyone else for President?

Until this election, I assumed that most people understood that the job description for the American President is to put America and Americans first. But of all the Republican and Democrat candidates, Trump is the only one standing for this principle.

The USA is infested with traitors.

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Anonymous said...

It is pretty much the same in the UK. If you think in terms of national interest you are a Nazi.

I would say there were far fewer traitors than you think, but with far more power and influence than they ought to have. Most people do not even think, but rather repeat what others have said, parrot fashion.

Just another example of what the eradication of racial consciousness has done to the West.