Friday, May 31, 2024

Trump is Convicted

The Democrat attempt to destroy our political has reached a new height. The trial was a sham.

There was no evidence that Trump had anything to do with those records. The records were not falsified. His lawyer billed for legal services, and the payments were logged that way.

Michael Cohen lied for his own profit. He should not have even been allowed to testify, as it was based on him illegally recording and betraying attorney-client privilege.

There was no crime being covered up. Even the prosecutor and judge could not specify a particular crime.

Our legal system is broken. And our political system is broken, if the opposing political party can shut down the leading Presidential candidate on bogus charges.

No, I do not think we are headed for civil war. But I do t h ink that the Democrat Party is the biggest threat to our Republic in decades, and this lawfare must be shut down at all costs.

In 1920, the Democrats imprisoned Presidential candidate Eugene V. Debs for his political views. He still got close to a million votes. I thought that everyone understood that to be a mistake.

I see no solution, except to elect Trump, and hope he gets his revenge. They maybe people will learn.

Here is a law professor rant:

Thank goodness the New York prosecutors knew what they were doing, and secured a conviction against the monster child, now making him officially a convicted felon. ... The irony is that this case was not nearly as significant or as strong ...

It is incumbent on me to observe, however, that the latest report that the congenial empty suit Biden is once again risking nuclear war for Ukraine does give one pause. The only good thing about Trump is that he is not a war-monger unlike the rest of the Republican and Democratic establishment. He may be a crook, a malignant narcissist, an idiot, and an incompetent: but he doesn't want to get America involved in wars. It's not enough to justify his winning, of course, but if Biden and the feckless Democrats lead us into a nuclear conflagration over Ukraine, then I suppose this will all look rather different (should anyone be around to look). ...

The fact that Trump is still a serious candidate for the Presidency is testimony to what a sick country this is. That the alternative is a President risking nuclear war over Cold War fantasies just confirms how deep the sickness is.

This may be becoming a consensus among our intellectuals. Trump's personality is terrible, but his policies are vastly superior to Biden's. Biden is destroying the country while Trump is personally embarrassing himself.

By now I have read hundreds of essays criticizing Trump, and hardly any of them have any substantive content. They are all just name-calling.

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MikeAdamson said...

Colour me surprised as I figured he would get off the hook, either through acquittal or hung jury. In retrospect, I overestimated the quality of the legal defense as the result was pretty obvious. So on to the election I guess.