Monday, May 27, 2024

Black Queer Students Invisible to the Cisheteropatriarchy

2022 research paper:
Black queer undergraduates experience invisibility at the juncture of anti-Black racism and cisheteropatriarchy in their campus environments.
The article is paywalled, so I don't know more. I learned a new word: cisheteropatriarchy.

I would think that if Black queer undergraduates experience invisibility, then must be free to pursue their studies without interference. But I am guessing the paper says the colleges should recognize their queer sexual practices somehow.

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CFT said...

'Anti-black' racism....versus the vanilla garden variety racism? Is this some kind of goofy double negative buzz word game? It comes across as illiterate.

Anti-black racism would mean 'against black racism', which is not what I think is meant. If you wish to invoke racism against black people, that would be just plain old 'racism'. Black racism would relate to 'racist blacks'.

You can't just stack up negatives like you can superlatives.