Thursday, May 16, 2024

Demise of Online Dating

The online dating world appears to be broken. Bumble is an app marketed mainly to women.

NY Times:

A Bumble billboard with big office buildings looming behind it. The mostly yellow advertisement has a photo of a couple on one side of it along with the words: “A VOW OF CELIBACY IS NOT THE ANSWER.” ...

On Monday, Bumble said in a statement that it was in the process of removing the ads from its global campaign and would be making donations to the National Domestic Violence Hotline and other organizations, offering those groups the billboard spaces.

I don't get it. Are those the choices? Celibacy or domestic violence? Some people actually like sexual relations.

Another article says:

‘The Bachelor’ Promises True Love. So Why Does It Rarely Work Out?

Of the 40 seasons of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” only eight couples have stayed together. We spoke to former contestants about the show’s flaws.

These articles are paywalled, so I don't know whether they uncover the problems.

OpenAI has created virtual friend technology, and it is rumored to be developing a porn product. Other AI companies will do it anyway. We could soon see the day when millions prefer virtual/AI mates to real people.

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