Monday, May 13, 2024

Teenaged Boy Dreamt to Swim with Women

CNN reports:
“I was afraid that if I was able to win, all of my success would be discredited because I was trans,” Cortez-Fields, a senior on the women’s swim team at New Jersey’s Ramapo College, told CNN.

As an NCAA competitor, Cortez-Fields underwent more than a year of hormone therapy, blood tests and testosterone tracking to meet the association’s transgender athlete guidelines and achieve [his] dream of swimming alongside other women.

Ahh, what teenaged boy has not dreamt about swimming alongside nearly naked women?

But he fears that winning will get him exposed as a boy. (He is not a teenager anymore, but the article implies that he is trying to realize a teenager dream.)

Maybe we should find some more socially acceptable way for these boys to live out their teenage sexual fantasies. They are surely despised by the other swimmers. He is not a real man, not a real woman, and not a sportsmanlike competitor.

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