Friday, May 24, 2024

PBS TV calls Trump Hitler again

I thought that the Leftist press had gotten tired of calling Trump Hitler, but it continues.

PBS TV news:

Trump has echoed Nazi 4:59 Germany. He has repeatedly talked about migrants -- quote -- "poisoning the blood 5:04 of the country" on the campaign trail, which historians point out that that is 5:09 a direct reference to Adolf Hitler and his use of the terms blood poisoning. 5:13 And then Trump took to TRUTH Social also this week, claiming that the Justice 5:18 Department authorized the use of deadly force against him during their search of Mar-a-Lago, 5:23 claiming that Biden's FBI wanted to assassinate him. 5:29 And so I spoke to a Yale historian, Timothy Snyder, who said, when you look at this in 5:33 the big scale of things, Geoff, that ultimately Trump's comments about Biden trying to -- his 5:40 FBI trying to assassinate him is essentially a classic tactic used by fascist movements, 5:45 that they want to get a monopoly on victimhood, so that way they can justify any actions they take,
So Pres. Biden and his Democrat prosecute Trump in about five courts on bogus charges, threaten to kill him in an FBI raid, and that makes Trump like Hitler, because playing the victim is a fascist tactic.

Got that? Democrats play the victim about 100x more than Republicans. Democrats are always claiming that their people suffer discrimination, phobias, lack of privilege, etc. Trump's speeches are filled with talk about making America great, while Biden's are filled with talk about how evil White supremacists are victimizing the less privileged.

So that's fascist? If anything, Biden is the Hitler. Prosecuting enemies is a fascist thing to do. Not getting prosecuted.

The rest of the PBS news segment complains about American flags that have supposedly been repurposed to stand for Christian nationalism, as if that were a bad thing. In particular, the Pine Tree Flag was used by George Washington and many others. One meaning was to endorse John Locke's 1690 book against the divine right of kings. Now, PBS says this flag somehow symbolizes Trump being like Hitler.


MikeAdamson said...

"Fascist" is such an overused term that it no longer has any practical value. I prefer "authoritarian" or "anti-democrat" which, while vague, at least retain meaning and utility.

CFT said...

PBS hasn't been actual public broadcasting for some time, even hard lefties admit this.

When every view you espouse is on one side of a spectrum, favoring one political party, you can't be said to be non-partisan. PBS actually claims they aren't part of the DNC, but everyone who understands the basic party planks of both parties knows this to be a lie.

If they are going to shill one direction, they can fund themselves without government money and without the moniker 'public'.

CFT said...

I also find it hilarious that people who use the word NAZI don't even know what it means, and actually like to conveniently pretend someone on the conservative end of the spectrum cooked it up... being that it quite literally stands for the National SOCIALIST German Workers Party (National-Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei).

Merriam-Webster is now so pathetic they have actually changed the very definition of the word NAZI to "a member of a German fascist party.." which is pure bullshit. No mention of the fact they called themselves 'socialist' at all. The Nazi party certainly never called themselves fascists, just left leaning morons trying to scrape the f├╝hrer off their political plate and onto someone else's.

It takes some serious gaslighting to pretend conservatives EVER called themselves 'socialists' or a 'workers party'. Those are terms of the Marxists.