Wednesday, May 01, 2024

Explaining the College Protests

I am trying to understand these college protests about Israel. It is baffling that students would get excited about obscure Middle East issues that haven't changed much in decades, that they would sympathize with sadistic murderers, and that colleges would be so helpless to deal with them.

Here are my hypotheses. If I missed any, add them in the comments.

(1) Women are instinctlive attracted to rebels, criminals, and foreign invaders. Most of the protesters are women. Men may be just tagging along to sleep with the women.

(2) Moslems trying to subjugate us. Islam teaches that Jews and Christians should be subjugated to Moslem rule, as has happened in 50+ Moslem countries. It is hard to push for that directly in the USA, so they do it indirectly with these protests.

(3) Jews have taken over the USA, and this is the only way to object. Jews dominate the Democrat Party, the Biden administration, Hollywood, academia, finance, news media, etc., just as predicted by the Protocols. They have also successfully censored any criticism of them. Protesting Gaza atrocities is the only criticism allowed.

(4) The protests are paid astroturfers, sponsored by foreign agitators trying to destroy America. A lot of previous civil unrest has been promoted by Communists, Jews, and other seeking to undermine Americanism.

I don't know, but I think the net effect of these protests is to further convince Americans that we are heading in the wrong direction. Some people will blame Biden, and vote against him. His core constituency is Jews, extreme Leftists, and White haters, and they are conflicted about these protests. There is no chance Biden can make them happy.

The NY Post reports:

Top Biden administration officials are mulling over plans to potentially welcome into the US a small number of Palestinians fleeing the region amid the bloody Israel-Hamas war, according to a report.
Oh wow. Help the Jews by importing Moslem terrorists that no one else wants.

Here is one of the protest leaders, before she deleted it:

Johannah King-Slutzky, Columbia U. biography:
My dissertation is on fantasies of limitless energy in the transatlantic Romantic imagination from 1760-1860. My goal is to write a prehistory of metabolic rift, Marx’s term for the disruption of energy circuits caused by industrialization under capitalism. I am particularly interested in theories of the imagination and poetry as interpreted through a Marxian lens in order to update and propose an alternative to historicist ideological critiques of the Romantic imagination. Prior to joining Columbia, I worked as a political strategist for leftist and progressive causes and remain active in the higher education labor movement.
The colleges have made a deal with the devil.

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CFT said...

Follow the money. It takes a lot of it to organize so many college students across a nation as large as ours.
College kids are not very well organized politically, or well funded in general since their college tuition eats most of their lunch, so when they start to move with coordination and have apparent financing, someone else is calling the shots.
George Soros money has been behind many so called 'organic' protests.