Saturday, February 03, 2024

Most Racial Stereotypes are True

The London Guardian reports on some racial controversies:
Winegard told his listeners that “people in colder climates, because of differences in brain size, have more propensity for cooperation”. ...

he wrote in a 2016 paper that racial stereotypes are “reasonably accurate”. ...

“Selective breeding can alter man’s capacity to learn, to keep sane, to cherish justice or to be happy.” ...

This month, for example, Aporia published an article by Peter Frost, “The Goldilocks zone between inbreeding and outbreeding”, which argues that “outbreeding” between humans who are too genetically distant from one another creates an increased risk of abnormal embryos. ...

“The case for race realism”, which reasserts that “underlying race differences in measured cognitive ability and violent crime … make large outcome disparities inevitable” ...

featured a debate between Charles Murray and Helmuth Nyborg on the topic “are multicultural societies doomed?”

The main point of the article is that these topics are uncomfortable to many people, so we should ostracize anyone who discusses them.

One of their main enemies just wrote this:

There is no valid controversy today over whether racial differences in cognitive test scores exist. Although many Americans are shocked when they hear that whites outscore blacks on average (although they tend to be less shocked when they hear that Asians average higher than whites), this might be the most exhaustively documented finding in the history of the social sciences. “My default assumption has long been that nature and nurture are probably divided up somewhere around fifty-fifty.”

Nor is there much informed dispute anymore over whether or not IQ tests are measuring something real and fairly important.

Nor is there any evidence that IQ tests are biased against blacks in the sense that blacks perform better on average in real life than on the tests. They don’t.

Nor is there any evidence that a valid IQ test could be developed that makes the race gap disappear. There has been tremendous demand for one since the 1960s, but nobody has ever managed to come close to inventing it.

So what happens is that when somebody manages to make clear these truths, the discussion among smarter people immediately switches to whether The Gap is genetic or not.

In many ways, though, it’s not terribly important for practical purposes whether IQ disparities are due to nature or nurture, because after more than a half century of our society obsessing over how to close The Gap, we’ve made little progress and lately have more or less given up hope that some kind of educational reform will do the trick. We don’t have much of a clue how to get blacks to catch up, and we may well be making their performance worse by catering to their worst instincts, just as we’ve managed to raise their homicide and car crash rates during the Black Lives Matter era.

Leftists really hate to hear what science says on this subject.

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CFT said...

My main concern of inter-racial relationships is not genetic incompatibilities, but social incompatibilities. My family is largely composed of marriages across vastly different cultures, that has to be completely honest, caused quite a bit of misery and discord over the years. When two cultures have dramatically different ways of handling stressful situations, instead of pulling together, they pull apart quite easily... with the added difficulty of a language barrier that both parents must overcome with each other and their children.

You haven't discovered a pleasant day in hell until you have heard both your parents screaming at each other in different languages the other doesn't understand...much less you. Living in the tower of Babel is very instructive as to why every nation should have one dominant language.