Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Debate over Jewish Evolutionary Strategy

Here are interviews disagreements between Nathan Cofnas and Kevin MacDonald about whether Jews have a successful group evolutionary strategy.

They both make a lot of valid points, and do it without anti-semitic name-calling.

One dispute is that MacDonald says the Jews are ethnocentric. Cofnas says Jews disagree amongst themselves a lot, and so could not be part of an all-Jewish conspiracy. Furthermore, if they were truly ethnocentric, they would not intermarry, but secular American Jews often marry non-Jews.

Okay, but the Jewish religion is explicitly ethnocentric, and more so than any other religion. 80% of Jews vote Democrat. I guess htere are other ethnocentric groups around the world, but Jews are far more ethnocentric than typical Americans.

Next, MacDonald claims that Jews have propped up bogus academic movements like Marxism and Freudian psyschoanalysis. And Jews have led political movements, such as Third World immigration into the USA.

This is trickier to assess. Jews are overwhelmingly pro-immigration, and are especially eager to import non-whites and non-Christians. They have pushed us towards open borders more than anyone else. But there are also non-Jews favoring such policies.

Cofnas points out that Jews have many real academic achievements that non-Jews recognize. Einstein is idolized by Jews and non-Jews. Idolizing Freud does seem to be an example of Jewish thinking.

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CFT said...

My bullshit detector is quite simple: Would the person who professes a belief or virtue be abding by said belief or virtue?

For those who claim they support unlimited immigration, that would entail they would be willing to accommodate and live alongside said immigrants, no exceptions, meaning, you can't wall yourself off in your own little country, penthouse, or gated community where you are insulated from the immigrants you claim to accept with open arms. This is much akin to the Pope bitching about other countries having walls to keep out people they don't invite...while he lives in the Vatican literally surrounded by walls...to keep people out that aren't invited.

The same goes for movie actors who claim they are concerned about global warming. Do these actors walk their own walk and actually eschew themselves from flying in private jets and driving incredibly expensive high performance cars? Do they live in modest homes...or do they live in huge beach front houses with heated swimming pools?

If you aren't going to practice your own virtue signaling, then practice silence instead.

"O' What may man within him hide, though angel on the outward side!"
- William Shakespeare