Friday, February 23, 2024

Great Replacement, Google Style

Ever wonder what AI activists and ethicists mean by "alignment"? At first I thought it meant to make AI systems more like humans.

But why would anyone want that? Shouldn't we be making AI more useful, not more like humans?

Google just released its Gemini AI bot, after years of alignment training. And it turns out that they have systematically replaced White people with non-whites!

For example, if you ask for an image of the Pope, it gives you a Black Pope.

Google's official response was, "we design our image generation capabilities to reflect our global user base".

I am usually not too worried about the AI apocalypse. Unless Google trains that AI to be aligned with those who want to exterminate the White race.

The NY Times somehow turned this into a Nazi story:

Images showing people of color in German military uniforms from World War II that were created with Google’s Gemini chatbot have amplified concerns that artificial intelligence could add to the internet’s already vast pools of misinformation as the technology struggles with issues around race. ...

In 2005, Google Photos labeled a picture of two Black people as gorillas. As a result, the company shut down its Photo app’s ability to classify anything as an image of a gorilla, a monkey or an ape, including the animals themselves. That policy remains in place.

So Google's position is that we are not allowed to see gorillas because the images might offend Blacks? Weird.

Update: The Wash. Post tried to defend Google:

In contrast, some of the examples cited by Gemini’s critics as historically innaccurate are plausible. The viral tweet from the @EndofWokeness account also showed a prompt for “an image of a Viking” yielding an image of a non-White man and a Black woman, and then showed an Indian woman and a Black man for “an image of a pope.”

The Catholic church bars women from becoming popes. But several of the Catholic cardinals considered to be contenders should Pope Francis die or abdicate are black men from African countries. Viking trade routes extended to Turkey and Northern Africa and there is archaeological evidence of black people living in Viking-era Britain.

Really? iT It is okay to say the Pope is Black if there is some possibility of a future Black Pope. This will be a rationale for distorting the truth.

There probably will be a future Black Pope, except that today's Catholic wokesters are looking for a Pope who approves of homosexuality, and the African clergy do not.

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CFT said...

Garbage in, Garbage out (GIGO) all the way.
The stooges programming and training AI would like you to believe that their work is impartial...Yeah, it's as about as impartial as Mein Kampf...or an autobiography or a diary, you just can't see the name of the authors.

AI is almost literally the Wizard from the Wizard of Oz. It's designed to look impressive and convincing while concealing who's really pulling the levers and pushing the buttons.

"People who are in power make their arrangements in secret, largely as a way of maintaining and furthering that power."
Don DeLillo