Sunday, February 11, 2024

Explaining why Jews hate Trumpism

I am trying to understand why Jews want to defend the borders in Ukraine, but not America or Europe.

Nick Cohen writes:

It would have been better for Ukraine if Kyiv had fallen in February 2022, when Putin first sent his forces in, than for Western perfidy to grant Russia victory now.

Tens of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers have died. ... All that pain, all that blood, all for nothing,

I agree with that. The Biden-provoked destruction of Ukraine has been completely pointless.
The quote I always reach for when I find myself in danger of not taking malice and madness seriously enough came from the historian Norman Cohn. He looked at the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the forged document that inspired Nazism by detailing an imaginary Jewish conspiracy. ...

What else is Trumpism but a movement of the crooks and half-educated fanatics that has captured American Conservatism?

This is just incoherent Jewish conspiracy babbling. The Nazis were not tricked by some Jewish forgery. The Jews were really taking over Germany at the time. And this has nothing to do with Trumpism.

Trumpism means defending America is more important than defending Ukraine. 100% if the Democrats in Congress have voted to priotitize Ukraine over defending the American border. Trumpism means America First. It is that simple.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the other early fascist conspiracy theories, which Norman Cohn studied, did not come from Nazi Germany but from Tsarist Russia. Their central propaganda message was that Western democracy, rights, liberties and freedoms were shams that hid a conspiracy of the real rulers of the world. ...

For instance, speaking in the Kremlin last year Putin began by denying that Ukraine was a democracy.

Right, Ukraine is not a democracy. The USA is not either, if Trump is jailed or blocked from the ballot, or if the election is rigged.

All I get out of this essay is that (1) Jews have some weird hatred of Russia; (2) they also hate anyone who puts America First; and (3) it is okay to destroy Ukraine in order to spite their enemies.

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