Thursday, February 01, 2024

Crime to Hate Satan in Iowa

Iowa news:
Michael Cassidy has been charged with a hate crime for beheading a statue of Satan at the Iowa Capitol. Cassidy drove up to Iowa after the Satanic display was erected in the state capitol and took it down. He will be arraigned on February 15.

Polk County prosecutors charged Cassidy with felony third-degree criminal mischief, saying that he acted "in violation of individual rights" under Iowa's hate crime statue, the Des Moines Register reports.

Cassidy had been charged with a misdemeanor fourth-degree criminal mischief the day after the beheading but had been informed that he may be liable for further charges.

Spokesman for the Polk County Attorney's Office Lynn Hicks said that "Evidence shows the defendant made statements to law enforcement and the public indicating he destroyed the property because of the victim’s religion." This is what resulted in the hate crimes charge.

The victim's religion? It was a statue of Satan.

This was a cheap Halloween prop. It was only there for Atheists and Jews to mock Christianity. If anyone was committing a hate crime, it was those who put up the Satan statue. Satan does not belong in our Capitol buildings.

Our Constitution was written to allow different Christian denominations to worship in peace. It was not to put Satanic icons in our official buildings.

The Biden DoJ has just convicted some Christians for saying prayers in the wrong place:

Six anti-abortion activists have been convicted on felony charges over orchestrating a blockade of a Tennessee reproductive healthcare clinic in 2021.

A federal jury convicted each of the six defendants of a felony conspiracy against rights and a Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act offense. Sentencing has been scheduled for July 2, when they each face up to 10 and a half years' imprisonment, three years' supervised release and fines totally $260,000.

You can see some video here. Some old ladies were singing hymns.

I used to accept these crazy arguments that the First Amendments requires Satanic icons and banning public prayers. No, I was wrong. This is the opposite of religious freedom. These Satanic creeps are taking advantage of Christian tolerance. Prayer is not a crime. And neither is hating Satan.

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CFT said...

When the figurehead of your religion is literally the fallen angel Lucifer or devil with a bestial head pasted on which was iconic for evil, I'm not sure how you spin that as 'it's fine'. The statue was put up with the single intent of pissing folks off, as the folks who funded its construction and placement pretty much admitted it.

Since when is presenting known figures of evil as a religion a protected thing? Can pedophiles put up a statue of a little boy being sodomized by an infamous child molester and call it a religion too?

In order for Satanism to be a thing, you first have to subscribe to the idea of God, the heavenly host, and that whole ball of wax as well. In that case you are openly advocating what you know is supposed to be evil in the name of being a cringey edgelord primarily to piss off your parents.