Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Ex-wife forced son to gender transition

NY Post reports:
A New York man says his ex-wife forced their young son to transition from a boy to a girl during their divorce — despite his protests that his son never wanted to be a girl in the first place.

Dennis Hannon, a 32-year-old former banking vice president from Buffalo who now works as a software engineer, told The Post on Sunday he was engaged in a lengthy, seven-year legal battle that ended with him losing authority over his son’s medical care.

He says the fight began when his ex-wife, Amy Hannon, began pushing his son to transition at the age of 3 by dressing him in girls’ clothes.

But she hid it from him, and whenever he’d pick his son up during visitation periods, he remained a little boy.

Father custody of children would solve this problem. Our courts are backwards.

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