Wednesday, October 25, 2023

USA Imported Millions of Arab Moslems

Tobias Langdon writes:
Islam is a kind of gentile Judaism, translating the ethnocentric barbarism and bloodlust of the Torah into more universalist terms. Where Judaism has a chosen people entitled to exploit and prey upon outsiders, Islam has a chosen ideology. In short, Muslims think like Jews and behave like Jews. ...

Muslims are only in the West to commit atrocities because Jews wanted those Muslims here. If Muslims and their Jewish enablers don’t leave the West, more and worse atrocities will follow. The Hamas-fans who flooded onto the streets of Western cities are simply more proof of that simple truth.

The USA and other Western countries have had a very strange policy of importing millions of Moslems. As the article documents, the policy has been largely pushed by Jews who saw it as being in Jewish interests.

Based on the Gaza War, I would think that American Jews would be against Arab Moslems moving to the USA. Jews certainly do not want Gaza Moslems in Israel. But they do.

The explanation appears to be that Jews hate Christianity more than Islam. So much so that they would rather import potential Moslem terrorists, if they undermine American Christianity.

Who do these Jews hate the most? Nick Fuentes! The press calls him "perhaps the nation’s best-known white supremacist". He is not even a white supremacist. That is just silly Jew talk. They hate him because he is a Christian. Meanwhile there are lots of other groups openly supporting Gaza/Hamas killing Israeli civilians, including at our top universities.

The Atlantic magazine has a paywalled article on The Hard Truth About Immigration. It admits that the 1965 Immigration Act was a giant scam that made life worse for most Americans. It is surprising to see the magazine admit this, as it is very Jewish and favoring non-white immigration. We need to reconsider immigration policy. We are letting the wrong people in.

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