Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Denying the Existence of Human Races

Jared Taylor explains in a video:
To be a good American, you are supposed to believe outlandish things about race. You’re supposed to believe it doesn’t exist. That it’s immoral to think it has anything to do with biology.

The American Psychological Association has a glossy brochure, written by six PhDs, who explain that “race is a social construction rather than a biological reality.” They add: “The ‘racial’ worldview was invented to assign some groups to perpetual low status, while others were permitted access to privilege, power, and wealth.”

One source of this idea goes back to the UNESCO statements on race, starting in 1950. One of the authors was the famous anthrolopologist Ashley Montagu, whose real name was Israel Ehrenberg.

The even more renowned professor Ronald Fisher disagreed with this part of the UNESCO statement:

Scientifically, however, we realized that any common psychological attribute is more likely to be due to a common historical and social background, and that such attributes may obscure the fact that, within different populations consisting of many human types, one will find approximately the same range of temperament and intelligence.
No, race is not a recent invention. It has been understood and written about for millennia, and confirmed by modern DNA tests. Different populations do show differences in temperament and intelligence. There is some debate about the sources of those differences, but objective tests show clear differences.

ChatGPT had to be specially trained to say things like: "It is important to note that the concept of race is a social construct and not a biological one." Try asking about race, and you will get qualifications like this.

Taylor concludes:

What’s their game? First, by denying race, they want you to believe every human group everywhere is equal in every way, especially in average IQ. That means when black and brown people do badly, they can blame us. Second, they want you to believe it doesn’t matter if non-whites pile into white countries and we disappear. We’re just being replaced by ourselves.
Besides IQ, a lot of other physical and personality traits matter, such as Big Five personality traits. All these traits are heritable.

We laugh at pre-scientific people who believed in witchcraft, or the Sun going around the Earth. But modern woke beliefs are much crazier.

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