Thursday, October 05, 2023

The Latest AI Apocalypse Movie

Here is what I learned from the new movie, The Creator (2023 film). The action scenes and special effects were excellent. I expected that from the reviews. Here are some other things I did not expect.

The timeline is confusing. There are a lot of flashbacks and events shown out of sequence. At one point there is a "Five years earlier" subtitle, but I don't know why, as all the other flashbacks are without warning.

It starts with Los Angeles being nuked, and we never learn why. The American say the AI robots did it, but later a robot in a poor Vietnamese village says that it was a mistake, probably human.

Asians view robots as like themselves.

If war erupts between humans and robots, Asians will side with the robots.

The movie opens with a Black man impregnating a southeast Asian woman. She jokes about how he may not be the father of her baby.

The Black man is a soldier who cannot be trusted.

A Black man can get to Heaven if he dies saving a robot.

If you cross-breed a Black man, Asian woman, and robot, you get a robot girl with supernatural powers.

Neanderthals had many human qualities, but were killed, raped, and driven extinct by superior Africans.

All White people are expendable.

The consensus of the humans of the future is that Eliezer Yudkowsky was right, and that humans must destroy the AI robots to survive.

The AI robots argue that they are benign, but in the end they win the war against humans, largely by tricking humans into siding with the robots.

In the end, it is not clear whether the humans will continue the fight, or become slaves to the AI. Maybe the sequel script has not been written yet.

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