Sunday, October 29, 2023

Somali Jailed for Kenyan Female Circumcision

The London Guardian reports:
A woman has been found guilty of handing over a three-year-old British girl for female genital mutilation (FGM) during a trip to Kenya, in the first conviction of its kind.

After a trial at the Old Bailey, Amina Noor, 39, was convicted of assisting a Kenyan woman to carry out the procedure in 2006. The conviction, which carries a maximum sentence of 14 years, is the first for assisting in such harm under the Female Genital Mutilation Act 2003.

The only other successful prosecution under the act was in 2019 when a Ugandan woman from Walthamstow, east London, was jailed for 11 years for cutting a three-year-old girl.

Campaigners said the verdict showed that the introduction in 2015 of mandatory reporting of suspected FGM was working. ...

Previously, the prosecutor Deanna Heer KC said Noor travelled to Kenya with the girl in 2006 and while there took her to a private house where the child was subjected to FGM.

The crime only came to light years later when the girl was 16 and confided in her English teacher at school. ...

Jurors were told the defendant was born in Somalia and moved to Kenya at the age of eight during the civil war in Somalia. She was 16 when she came to the UK and was later granted British citizenship.

There are many things wrong with this story. Why is Britain importing Somalis with vastly different cultural norms, and then not allowing them to continue their cultural practices?

Why is it a crime to circumcize girls, when Jews circumcize their boys all the time?

Why is Britain prosecuting something that happened in Kenya in 2006? Is there no statute of limitations, or respect for other legal jurisdictions?

Why are citizens required to report this, and not required to report more serious crimes like murder?

Why do the medical authorities disapprove of female circumcision, while they promote much more drastic and damaging transgender procedures?

This whole thing is crazy.

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CFT said...

Many of the same people who fought male circumcision of young boy babies tooth and nail in the united states fell mysteriously silent after the whole trans-sexual du jour thing became trendy to promote on even the smallest of children.

I guess it's hard to complain about a haircut when you are advocating scalping.