Friday, October 06, 2023

Jailed for saying Fat Lesbian

AP reports:
LGBTQ+ groups hailed the 60-day jail sentence a court in Switzerland gave to a writer and commentator for deriding a journalist as a “fat lesbian” and other critical remarks.

The Lausanne court sentenced French-Swiss polemicist Alain Bonnet, who goes by Alain Soral, for the crimes of defamation, discrimination and incitement to hatred on Monday. He was ordered to pay legal fees and fines totaling thousands of Swiss francs (dollars) in addition to the time behind bars.

Soral lashed out at Catherine Macherel, a journalist for Swiss newspapers Tribune de Geneve and 24 Heures, in a Facebook video two years ago. He called her a “fat lesbian” and said Macherel's work as a “queer activist” meant she was “unhinged,” according to Swiss public broadcaster RTS.

“This court decision is an important moment for justice and rights of LGBTQI people in Switzerland," said Murial Waeger, co-director of the lesbian activist group LOS, in a statement. "The conviction of Alain Soral is a strong signal that homophobic hatred cannot be tolerated in our society.” ...

Soral was convicted repeatedly in France and sentenced to jail time in 2019 for denying the Holocaust, which is a crime in France.

I thought that the words "fat" and "lesbian" were no longer considered derogatory. They are just lifestyle choices that we should all tolerate and even respect.

But calling a spade a spade cannot be tolerated.

Also on the intolerance front, the London Guardian reports:

A video of ultra-Orthodox Jews spitting on the ground beside a procession of foreign Christian worshippers carrying a wooden cross in the holy city of Jerusalem has ignited intense outrage and a flurry of condemnation in the Holy Land.

The spitting incident, which the city’s minority Christian community lamented as the latest in an alarming surge of religiously motivated attacks, drew rare outrage on Tuesday from the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and other senior figures. ...

“What happened with rightwing religious nationalism is that Jewish identity has been growing around anti-Christianity,” said Yisca Harani, a Christianity expert and founder of an Israeli hotline for anti-Christian assaults. “Even if the government doesn’t encourage it, they hint that there will be no sanctions.”

Those worries over rising intolerance seem to violate Israel’s stated commitment to freedom of worship and sacred trust over holy places, enshrined in the declaration that marked its founding 75 years ago.

It is a Jewish state. They spit at Christians. What do you expect? It is not like they are call people fat lesbians.

The Jerusalem Post:

“The custom of spitting near churches or monasteries is an ancient Jewish tradition,” far-right activist Elisha Yered wrote on Monday in response to a video of Orthodox Jews spitting on Christian pilgrims.
I think Jews hate Christians much more than Christians hate Jews. Many Christian churches and organizations actively support Israel.

Update: Two days later, Israel is at war. The Arabs in the territories are attacking. If this continues, I expect the Israeli Jews to eventually destroy all the mosques in Jerusalem. There would be an adverse reaction, but probably no worse than what they are getting now. Then the Moslems would have to pray elsewhere.

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CFT said...

So if a lesbian is one can say so without fear of being prosecuted? I pity these women's doctors.

For the record, a disproportionate number of gay women are morbidly obese. It was so noticeable a trend that the federal government actually wasted money on a study of lesbian gross obesity. I'm guessing it had something to do with depression...and an inability to put a fork down.

I pity the people of the world who's feelings are so fragile that they will just shatter if a breeze of ridicule blows past their door, they won't survive the coming storm.