Friday, November 18, 2022

The Never-Trumpers Emerge Again

National Review is a supposedly conservative magazine that has always hated Donald Trump, and it came out again against his Presidential campaign.

Here is the summary: He was an outstanding President, but we don't like his personality. He brought a lot of voters into the Republican Party, but he alienated others. It explains:

To his credit, Trump killed off the Clinton dynasty in 2016, nominated and got confirmed three constitutionalist justices, reformed taxes, pushed deregulation, got control of the border, significantly degraded ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and cinched normalization deals between Israel and the Gulf states, among other things. These are achievements that even his conservative doubters and critics — including NR — can acknowledge and applaud.

That said, the Trump administration was chaotic even on its best days because of his erratic nature and lack of seriousness. ...

Certainly, GOP voters should give up on the idea that Trump is a winner. After securing the GOP nomination with plurality support in 2016, Trump didn’t exceed 47 percent in either of his campaigns, winning in 2016 with 46.1 percent and losing in 2020 with 46.8. ...

Needless to say, Trump is a magnetic political figure who has managed to bond countless millions of Republicans to him. Many GOP voters appreciate his combativeness and hate his enemies, who so often engaged in excesses in pursuit of him. Once he won the nomination in 2016, they understandably voted for him in 2016 and 2020, given the alternatives.

Criticism of Trump from Jews and others is usually similar. Little or no criticism of what he actually did as President, but endless gripes about petty matters that affected no one.

I wonder what really motivates these Never-Trumpers. No, I do not believe that they are honestly expressing their opinions.

One theory is that they believe that the Republican Party should be the controlled opposition party. Trump does not take orders from the lizard people who run the world.

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CFT said...

If I have to decide between a Jeb Bush neocon and a Joe Biden democrat, I choose not to vote for either, as supporting Joe would be tantamount to stupidity, and voting for Jeb would be tacit approval of the republican party's impotency.

Neo-cons are useless, except for caving on important social issues in the name of bipartisanship and starting lots of wars in third world countries they know can't fight back.

Trump is actually the first president since Reagan who wasn't an elitist snob, understood how actual businesses work, and was thoughtful about destructive trade agreements, and who could turn down useless foreign entanglements.