Wednesday, November 30, 2022

How the World is Brainwashed

It is funny to see everybody, Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, Jews and non-Jews, all line up in lockstep and recite the same lines about Donald Trump must be ostracized for failing to condemn a guest who believes in America First.

What goes? Are they all reading from the same playbook?

No, I don't believe all those people really have an opnion about Nick Fuentes. Or that they really believe that there is something wrong with Trump meeting someone with different views. Politicians meet with people of different views all the time.

None of them appear to have ever listened to Fuentes, or to be able to cise any of his opinions. His views are conservative, not radical.

I also wonder how all those same people can be lined up in favor of the Ukraine War. It used to be that we had some anti-war dissidents in the USA. There were Democrats against the Afghanistan War. Now they all favor the Ukraine War.

They all line up with predictable views on George Floyd, preferred pronouns, and same-sex marriage.

THey are horrified that someone might be allowed to express a contrary view on Twitter.

I don't know how far this goes. I think I will make a list of those against basic free speech.

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