Thursday, November 17, 2022

Observing Anti-Christian Shills

An anti-religion group just had a conference, and here are their speeches. I listened to a couple of them to see if they had any examples of religion doing something bad. No, it was just leftist advocacy.

I found this amusing rant:

ID: 10az04kf When observing anti-Christian shills, you'll notice they never formulate arguments in favor of their preferred belief system. They never give you details about what they believe and why you should believe it too. What is their doc- Wine? Where do their morals come from? Which God do they worship, if any? No, all they do is attack Christianity and Christians. They insult Christ, they insult you for believing in Him. They try to conflate Christianity with modern day Judaism as a way to appeal to the overarching Jewish sentiment of /pol/. They try to conflate Christianity with typically leftist posi- tions using cherry-picked propaganda that rep- resents the complete opposite of the average case (for example claiming that Christians are pro mass immigration, or pro gay rights). They post anti-Christian images, memes etc. but never anything pro-whatever they believe. They claim that Christianity "destroyed" the West, but they never tell you how the West can be saved (aside from you not following Christ of course).

There is a reason for all of this: They genuinely don't care what you believe, so long as you stop believing in Christ. Their goal is not to convert you to some non-existant Pagan religion, or Marxism, or atheism; and it's certainly not to save the West. Their goal is simply to turn you away from the truth; to demoralize you. To strip you of your identity and your heritage. If you are not following Christ, they are happy. If you are confused, conflicted, and hopeless, they are happy. They are, quite literally, doing the bidding of Satan. /pol/ on anti-Christian threads - /pol/ on anti-Christian threads

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